Indie Game Looking for People Experienced in Unreal!

Hello, everyone!

Now I know what you are all thinking: “Oh great, another fake indie team who wants to do some stupid game that they’ll give up on.” Please, I urge you to refrain from this and give us a chance. We really intend to finish this game and create more games in the future, and we aren’t going to give up, at all.

I am leading a team of people to create a open world RPG game, called The Men Behind the Shadows, set in Southeast Asia around the year 1100. The game will be third person, with lots of fighting, quests, and collecting of weapons.

Our team consists of 32 people, but we are always looking for new recruits!

You will be paid as long as the game is completed, and it will be in a profit share meaning that you will get a set percent of the total profits after all of the general expenses.

We need all sorts of talents to join our team, so no matter the skill, we want you!

The storyline is quite complex, however here is the essential idea:

You are the son/daughter of two powerful advisers to the new king of Thailand. The new king is a brilliant philosopher and strategist, but is extremely evil as well. He ends up killing the former king after becoming his advisors, but covers up the whole thing by blaming someone else. He then comes to rule and sends a massive group of Thai shadow puppeteers (Nang Yai) to tell a bunch of fake news of “great” things he is doing, such as building new temples, donating food to the poor, etc, but in reality he is capturing cities worth of people and forcing them to work as slaves, sending them on deadly expeditions to the mountains in Southern China to obtain a certain type of mushroom. With this, he plans to create the Amrita, which is a elixir of immortality and conquer all of Asia. He also has a group of assassins who go around killing kings of neighboring countries, which he then moves on to conquer. By the time you start playing the story, he has already conquered most of Southeast Asia. You’re part in the story is one day, you are wandering around the king’s assistant’s room and discover an imperial document with the amount of people currently in China and who is to be targeted next and total deaths. With this, you realize the king is very evil and you run as fast as you can to escape his grip. Once you eventually end up in the starting town of Ubud, Indonesia, you use this document to prove to everyone that the king if actually up to bad things, and you go on a big adventure to overthrow him.

The map will contain about 8 or 9 islands, which will all be in close proximity to allow for a open world sailing experience.

We use Slack to communicate and Google Drive to upload all of our files.

Here you can view some of our work thus far:BGE Demo : The Men Behind The Shadows Part 3 - YouTube

If you are interested, please fill out our Google Form here:

Thank you so much!

We look forward to working with you!