Indie Game Documentary Trailer and Feedback

Hey guys,

I’m an Artist at Deco Digital, one of the indie studios allowed onto the first wave of the ID@Xbox program received Xbox One development kits directly from Microsoft. We are making a game for Xbox One set to release in January 2015.
We’re also producing a documentary called ‘We Made A Game’ which will follow our story as indie game developers from start to finish and really highlight what it’s like to develop a game for Xbox One as an indie.
We really hope this is something you’ll be interested in and want your feedback for specific things you’d like to see/hear about in our documentary. We’re making this film for people like you who may be interested in learning more about indie game development and game development as a whole.

*Our offices *

We have a Kickstarter for the project which launched on May 12th where we received 25% of the funding in less than 24 hours and 50% of our funding in just 4 days! I’m posting it here to let you know more about the documentary and why we’re making it:

Without asking for money I can’t stress enough that without your pledges this will not be made. It’s something that if you want to see we need your support, but if it’s something that isn’t wanted then we’ll leave the documentary and focus solely on our game. Also, feel free to ask me anything, I’ll do my best to respond to your questions without violating any NDA’s!

Check out the trailer for ‘We Made A Game’ here