Independant Lobby - Pregame

Hi Folks

Been thinking about the way lobbies have evolved over the last 20 years.

Only my opinion, but I have yet to see better functionality than that provided by Microsofts “Zone”

Surprisingly I cannot find a single screenshot or image anywhere on the net.

From memory you signed into the zone, and your saved profile linked you to the game you played eg “Combat Flight Simulator”

Once you were in the CFS lobby you could see a list of CFS players and a list of ready rooms (all CFS).

If you were not in a ready room, then chat was available with all others (not in a RR).

You could host a RR and invite any player in (password protected)

Once in, chat was only between members in the RR

From the RR any player could choose to host, and set an IP ( nowadays would add STEAM option as well)
Clients would then launch their own local game and join via IP

The result was a meeting place in the lobby that provided contact for friends that could form themselves into squads/clans/guilds etc
and the privacy of a ready room to discuss tactics, arrange matches or just chill with friends.
This really promoted coop play.

Elements of this are incorporated into STEAM but it is distinctly lacking in some areas.

So my question is…

If such a lobby system was required , would/ could it be a completely separate “Game/App” that would then lead to an actual UE4 game or would it be better to have it built in?


The Railway Project

it could, and I would make it separate and call the ue4 launch function with commands in line to connect the parties together.