Incredibuild license options?

I would like to possibly set up distributed build using incredibuild, but after having a look at the pricing options, I am bit confused on what exact , optimal options I need for a Unreal development.

I can understand :

  1. number of developer machines ( and cores )
  2. adding helper machines.

But I am not so sure about :

  1. add incredibuild solutions.

I have 2 programmers, and 1 artist needing shader compilation.
So how many c++ options, make and build tools, dev tools do I need?
Do I even need any of them?

Any insights into the license needs for UE4 would be appreciated. I want to ask forum first before asking incredibuild for the fear of louring into buying unnecessary licenses.

Also while I am at this, will lightmass lightmap build be distributed using incredibuild as well? I know I can set up swarm for this, but I was wondering if I can just have incredibuild and not having to run a separate set up.

And if I have swarm set up and also incredibuild set up, how will they work together? I mean, incredibuild is limited by its agent licenses but swarm is not… so if swarm is better option, then how do you turn off incredibuild from taking over (if it does)


Nudge. Does anyone have experience with this? Their licensing terminology and structure is “incredibly” confusing. I can understand the Visual C/C++ license for compiling source. But where does Unreal fall into the 3 categories?

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