Incredible odd question about what you can, or can't, do in UE4.

A while back I had asked questions about UE4 before wanting to buy it, only to learn that my computer couldn’t run it. I put off getting it till I could get a 64bit system, and now that I have one I find that UE4 is now free (TY Epic!), but before I begin fiddling around with this I have a question about something.

Is it possible in UE4 to games that use a lot of 2D elements? Think certain Japanese made RPGs that are 3D, but use those 2D character portraits, and or enemy graphics, tend have a lot of menu/ui elements, or also have those full screen 2D image shots for certain events like Etrian Odyssey, Persona, etc.

We use UMG for UI and it could work with pretty complicate stuff, so give it a try!

I think you may find this WiP thread interesting - Making a JRPG System

Just to add some more backing to this, YES you can do that. :slight_smile:

just like zeOrb we use UMG as well. We use it for everything from basic player HUDs to character nameplates, objective markers, player health bars (the ones above players heads), etc etc etc. You can do quite a bit with UMG and Epic is only going to make it better as time goes on.

If there is something you think you can’t do with it just ask the community and I’m sure someone out there has either already tried something similar or can help you out with what you need.

Thank you! you guys are awesome.