Increased IPA file size after 4.5.1


Since I’ve managed to decrease binary size for android now it’s time to IOS :). I’ve noticed that file size with same project doubled after 4.5.1 upgrade to 4.6.1. I tested it with simple empty project builded with distribution settings. On 4.5.1 filesize is ~43 mb but on 4.6.1 and 4.7.2 it is over 84 mb! While checking internal structure of files I’ve noticed that UE4Game file and pak incresed in size (doubled). Any hints how to lower file size?

Not much you can do really. Also noticed this. Seems they now package almost every single engine asset which was meant for development builds, also in distribution builds.
I have heard rumors that some people make a copy of the engine folder, delete everything that their game is not using and package it. Then place the deleted files back for the engine.

However this is not something i am willing to test because redownloading the engine will just take too long. For now you will most likely have to live with it

Thanks for answer, I’ll skip re-packaging file for now. I hope 4.8 will decrease file size back to 40 mb. We will see how it works for now. Also I got answer on anwserhub explaining that because Apple requires 64 bit support for apps, both 64 and 32 bit binaries are packaged inside IPA. Here’s link to this thread:

Hmm. Apple again.
Gotta love them.

You would think they can include 2 IPA’s. One with 32 bit and one with 64bit and then just serve the IPA to the customer which is relevant to them.
But then again… i guess if 1 pixel dimension out of place makes them reject your app then its understandable

Yeah, Apple’s 64-bit “solution” is quite annoying and has hit Unity with bloated IPA sizes as well. However, I found that the size of the IPA generated by UE4 is larger than your final download size. My IPA is 92MBs, but when I upload to Apple’s TestFlight the download size drops to 65MBs, so I guess they use additional compressions that UE4 doesn’t.