increase movement speed overtime

how to make the character increase speed overtime, or any other stat overtime, i have zero knowledge about coding

You can do this with Verse… so you’ll need to study a bit maybe

Hello, so I’m not sure about what @GraemeBB said about changing the speed in Verse, about what he meant exactly.

But from what I know you can already do this in Creative 1.0 with Pulse Sequence Devices or Timer Device and Movement Modulator Devices or Class Designers + Class Selectors

You might not even need code, but we lack information about what you’re trying to achieve exactly

If you want to do this is Verse, you’ll probably need to listen to player_spawner_device.SpawnedEvent then call a <suspends> function that would Sleep() and activate the modulators, for example :

    for(Spawner: Spawners):

OnPlayerSpawned(Agent: agent):void=

_OnPlayerSpawned(Agent: agent)<suspends>:void=
    if(Player := player[Agent], Character := Player.GetFortCharacter[]):
            # Abort script if character dies

            # Iterate through all modulators and apply the next one every 5s
                for(Index := 0..Modulators.Length-1, Modulator := Modulators[Index]):

Hope it helps!

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oh… I swear I saw something that allowed a change with Verse to a player’s speed multiplier…

Well, otherwise I’d do it your way :slight_smile:

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I got curious and thought, hmmm so what can you do with a class designer in verse, why can’t you modify its settings a bit ingame, so I go and have a look and oh… all you can basically do with it is teleport it around your island… put it where ever you want…