Incorret Shadows

I have shadows that show up fine when you place a mesh in the editor but when you build lightning it looks incorrect. I’ve increase lightmap resolution to 256 but it doesn’t seem to do anything. Any ideas? Probably a noob question.

increase your lightmap resolution :wink:

The object receiving the shadow is the object that you need to adjust the lightmap resolution for.

I got it all backwards. I thought it was the casting object. Anyway I increased the lightmap on the receiving plane but the shadows were all wonky anyway. I realized that I needed a huge lightmap resolution because the plane was so big. Reducing the receiving object increased a lot the quality of shadows for the same LM resolution.

I imagine when increasing the LM resolution you take a performace hit. What value is ‘normal’ (if that exists) for level architecture objects? Should be something related to the physical size and player closeness?

There’s a quick way to check if the current lightmap resolution for an in-game mesh is set correctly: tap ALT-0 in the viewport to switch over to the lightmap density view mode. Everything should now be colour coded to indicate lightmap density: blue is too low, green is just right, and red is high density. You may see some objects highlighted in orange: this is perfectly fine; they’re dynamic objects that don’t get baked. Tweak your densities in this view mode until everything is at least green then switch back to lit mode and rebuild your lighting.

Awesome! Thanks!