Incorrect shadows after destroying an actor

Using a line trace, i manage to destroy an actor in game, however, once it is destroyed, the shadow takes the form of the shape of the actor instead of being natural. What I mean is, the place where the actor used to be is completely black. Any ideas on how to fix this? If you wold like the full blueprint, just ask and i will give.

Hi there. Are we talking about a packaged game or a project in the editor?

probably you didn´t build the light before play, right?

Hey TheMac443,

If you are using static baked lighting in your scene by having your light source set to ‘Static’ or ‘Stationary’ with ‘Cast Static Shadows’ enabled, whenever you move that object in your scene the shadows baked into the level will remain in place.

You can enable or disable ‘Cast Static Shadow’ on the object as well as the light source, but be careful when you disable it on the light source as your are then using fully dynamic shadows in your scene which can cost more performance wise.

I would take a look at our documentation we have on Light mobility and how each light type functions.

Light Mobility

Let me know if you have further questions.