Incorrect listing of the only folder from DropBox

I have a folder on DropBox synchronized with my PC. It contains only one folder (say,  images ). This folder contains more than 800 folders with images.

My OS is Windows 10, I have a Steam RC.

Steps to reproduce

  1. In  Workflow tab of RC I click  Folder and add one folder from  images folder
  2. Immediately after that (without reconstructing, creating new project etc.) I click  Folder again
  3. In my images folder on DropBox it shows only the folder that I have just added


Create a new folder

If I add one new folder to the root of DropBox, the  images folder is listed correctly.

Choose another folder

  1. Choose another folder (local, not from DropBox) using  Folder from  Workflow tab
  2. Click  Folder again – my  images folder listing is correct now