Incorrect lighting on Skeletal mesh based on location. Help



As you can see in the image, These two cabinets are of the same blueprint and the same material. ( dark one in the front, selected cabinet in the back ) They have been animated in 3DS MAX and the blueprint enables them to open and close on a Keypress.
The scene is lit by a stationary Skylight.
I have lightmassimportance volume encompassing the whole area along with lightmasscharacterindirectvolume. (For capsule shadows)

The issue I am facing here is, the shading on these two cabinets are totally different depending on where you place them.
The cabinet on the front looks properly lit but the ones close to the wall look overblown and loose the color. Why is this happening. This problem does not occur when the object is placed in the center of the room. But only near the walls.

Can anyone help me sort this issue out?