Incorrect display of the mesh

Hi, guys!
I’m exploring the UE4. Very cool stuff, thanx to developers!

But I have a little problem. I Tried to import a few unpretentious 3D models - everything work perfectly. But with a more complex one I’ve got a problem.
When I simply import the mesh (without building the light) in the scene - is displayed normally.

But when I built lighting - I’ve got something weird with shadows on my mesh :frowning:

Geometry is OK, in other editors it works fine and displayed correctle. What I missed?

If you’re planning on the gun being a static object that is not movable you’ll want to set up a second UV for your Lightmap UVs.

The difference you’re seeing is that the object is being lit dynamically before you build lighting, and the since the object is labeled as static by default when you build lighting it uses the texture UV as a source for lightmap UV.

Thanx for quick ansre, .

Honestly, I’m hearing that lighting uses their own UV maps or channels.
I thought, that there are some light maps or passes, that bakes on the level, no matther of what UV map have the object.

So, I tried to make the material in editor and it works this time:
Weird shadow is gone, it looks great!

Sorry, but I think, I don’t completly get the idea of what are telling me :frowning:
Should I make the separate UV map for light?

You have to create a special UV map for the 2nd uv channel -> this one will be used as the lightmap for static lightning (when you build the light). After that the shadows will look better when you build the light :slight_smile:

Take a look at those two links:


Also make sure to add a reflection capture actor to your level -> otherwise the metallic part wont look so good :wink: + add a lightmass importance volume

Thank you, really helpful. It’s quite more complicate, than I though.
Also, nice tutorials on your Youtube channel!