Inconsistent get/set nodes in a subclass

Another bug related to one I posted earlier. If you have a subclass and try to access public member variables by right clicking and choosing “Get xxxxx var” or “Set xxxxx var” it makes a node that requires you to pass in self. And you MUST create a new self node and pass it in or it won’t compile, as shown on left side of my image.

However, I found a workaround where if you go to parent’s BP and copy get/set node from there, you can paste into child’s BP, it creates a normal get/set node without need to pass in self. It seems that accessing a parent’s member variable should always work one way or other.

Example: Left side made trying to add in var from inside this child BP - doesn’t work.
Right side made by copy/pasting get Ignore Collision from parent BP works just fine.

Hey ,

Thanks for report! I was able to reproduce this internally, and entered a bug for developers (UE-7367). I will let you know as soon as I see an update on issue. For now, your workaround of copy/pasting Get or Set node from Parent BP seems to work, as does simply using a reference to Self node. Thanks!