Including Editor modules in Game

I did not find a way to do this. Need help, I’m blocked.

Let’s say I include the #include “UnrealEdMessages.h” in precompiled header. This will compile in Editor, but will give the “could not find include” error in Game. I go and add the UnrealEdMessages module to the public dependency modules. Now the project sees the UnrealEdMessages.h fine, but fails to include the UnrealEdMessages.generated.h that is inside of the .cpp.

Long story short, how do I properly include an editor module to in game?

As far as I understood it, it is not allowed per EULA to include editor code in shipping projects…

So I cannot include the editor modules at all? What’s the point of having them then, if their functionality only works in the editor? :frowning:

They are there to be used in the editor to make a game which be based of your coding.

So, if I want to use functionality in one of the blueprint libraries, such as Kismet tool library,. SSCSEditor etc, I can’t?

Unless you make a “mod”, (distribution only through Epic), then not…

$%^# well this sucks. Apparently an automation tool I was working on for a month goes to the trash can because it only works in the Editor. I guess bad news is better than no news. Thanks, KVogler.

What would speak against releasing it as a mod?
Editor code is only haram for stand alone games (where the user does not have to accept the Epic EULA).

No problem :slight_smile: