In the FPS Tutorial's projectile collision section, my projectiles don't hit the "box"

Hi all,

I am following the FPS C++ Tutorial. Everything has been going smoothly so far, but I’ve now been stuck for almost two hours and cannot figure out the issue. In the section called Projectile Collision and Lifetime, I follow the instructions word by word, but whenever I compile and play the game, my projectiles do not hit the box (copy of the floor’s static mesh that has been reshaped to look like a box). I’ve written all the code necessary and done all the alterations in the editor (such as check the Simulate Physics checkbox) and nothing. I have two suspicions: the first is that the format of my alterations in the DefaultEngine.ini file is not correct. The second one is that, in my code, I wrote in the FPSProjectile constructor “RootComponent = CollisionComp”, but in the BP_FPSProjectile (the projectile blueprint), in the Components tab, it says “CollisionComp (Inherited)” and not “[Root] CollisionComp” or CollisionComp (Root)". Could someone please help me with this problem? I’ve uploaded what my components tab looks like and what my DefaultEngine.ini looks like. Thanks a bunch.