In the art stage and ran into a couple things

I’ve been watching a couple of tutorials and ran into some things i can’t put itno perspective. I’m going for the Professional physically based shading technique. But almost every tutorial I watch want to to create a low and high poly object in 3ds max to go forward; I know that shouldn’t be always the case. It also seems backwards for me to do so and in situation and for the fact they set up a material with color in 3ds max and send it to mudbox or substance designer or painter… I decided I dont want to hand paint using mudbox and use substance designer and painter for the finishing touches on my art. Is it okay for me just to uv paint it like I want to? Why would i bake a normal map inside 3dsmax and the only way to do so i to create a low poly model… Is that method have better results?

Beside lod’s if you want i understand that concept but dont want to do it.

There’s more than one workflow for getting art assets completed; it just depends on what you need to do per asset.

I don’t know if I understood your question correctly, but I’m assuming that you’re asking about different workflows for different art assets.
Well it highly depends on what type of asset you’re creating. Personally if I am working on a character or hero prop then i just make high poly and low poly, bake, and then texture using substance, but for environment (Not Props) its totally a different approach and workflow.
For environments I just create low poly and use tiling textures on them or substances that I make in Substance Designer, that way I can use geometry to add details and use different materials (Bricks, concrete, etc.) for general textures and a texture sheet for small details like baroque patterns on walls. So all in all I use approx about 3-4 materials on a house model (I think it’s called multi sub materials in 3ds max) and I never built a high poly model in the first place.

I hope I answered your question.