In search for Skill

Hi everyboddy, i´m looking for someone how can makes simple version of VR games or models in Unreal Engine, in specifics models of hands controls with action moves like hold or move objects , and share it with me. So I would really appreciate their job or axamples.

Oh, cool…

  • What do you give back to the contributors?
  • What is the game supposed to be?
  • What is your plan?
  • What kind of models?
  • What is it all about?
  • How is “hold” an action move?
  • Did you already started anything?
  • Any backstory?
  • Are you working alone on the project now or do you have a team or at least a mate?
  • What is the art style supposed to be?
  • The title was so catchy, why is the message not?
  • I think you start to consider me weird for so many questions, am I right?
  • Do you need a balloon popper guy for the project?
  • What’s gonna happen if the project succeeds?
  • How big should your team be and who do you exactly need?
  • Have you released any projects already?
  • Do you share any of your work anywhere?
  • This is your 1st post on this forum, what made this decision come to life?

Okay, enough

Your message is unclear, especially this part:

in specifics models of hands controls with action moves like hold or move objects

Why should we share anything with you?

You just randomly jump into the forum and expect people to give you stuff?
At least place some posts and make a Name so the people would be like “Ohh, this awesome guy just needs somebody to his project, gonna hit it first!” instead of “What a weird post, let’s go back and search for something else”

This sentence is like “do the job for me because I ask you to do that and I will appreciate what you did” and I think nobody will even bother himself to write under such post

Tell us something about you!

What do you mean by simple? I created Lotto game where you throw bananas in order to press the buttons around you, it was simple!

I am also working on a way more advanced game in VR but I am not gonna share it here and now, if you wanna stay tuned - on my YT Channel → About you’re gonna find all links related to me which includes:

  • Public Google Drive Folder - to share the work I do for the people and yes - you may be one of them!
  • Discord Server - where I gather my awesome Community, offer them help ASAP, we chat and collaborate on our projects or just make fun sending stupid memes!
  • GitHub - well… I use it in a different way as expected but still you can keep some more exact track on my progress

And once again - tell something about yourself and the project, make it interesting for the people or you may get exact same stuff back - my BP’s I’ll offer to you will be buggy, messy and not understandable, I don’t think you expect that - same about us!

And don’t take it personally, it’s gonna help everybody - you and the reader!

So consider editing the post and make it AMAZING!

And consider that - I just took so much time for this message instead of contacting you and that’s because of how it looks like for a fellow reader :slight_smile:


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^This^ :rofl:

The forums / community is having something of a Fall of Rome moment arguably. Way too many self-entitled posters who don’t give anything back and often don’t even say thanks. Its hard to see how the community can come back from this especially with broken forums. :thinking:

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Its sad. The Community on here is Leaderless. Leaderless because no one at Epic interacts on here anymore. But… If even one charismatic Community rep (like Alex Paschall / Chance Ivey before) interacted on here and funneled issues to the right teams, it’d have an impact!

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Now please tell me @Sacred_Gem why did you hide my post?

You may feel offended but I never went personally to you, just overall the Community and it was also an answer for @AntiGravity

It’s not mean what I said - those are facts as I recently spend more time on this forum and you just have put your 1st post and most people adding their 1st post looks similar to yours

1st - it’s just rubbish on the forum
2nd - it’s also bad for you as nobody will get interested to such amazing stuff like doing “specific models of hands controls with action moves like hold or move objects”

…and it all for nothing! YAAAAAAAAAAY :space_invader: :space_invader: :space_invader:

I am not gonna un-hide my post if you feel the need to hide it but be aware - you bring both yourself and this forum to nowhere

Thank you!

Edit: @EpicStaff - If there’s anything I did wrong about the message regarding the community guidelines please let me know and I’ll delete the violating message

Edit2: Just a short text from the guidelines: Respect our forum. Don’t post spam or otherwise vandalize the forum.

and I just wonder who’s the one here who posts spam? :thinking:

Never heard about them! But cool to hear about them as they seem to be indeed amazing! :v:

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