In need of a Comprehensive Game Development Tutorial

I’ll start off by saying that I am a hobbyist, an amateur, a computer scientist who is looking into game development as a time killer.
I have a strong coding background but a terribly weak artistic (texturing/modeling) background.

So my question becomes, where can I find a strong comprehensive tutorial? not just bits and pieces, but the entire process, the entire life cycle?

And if none exists would someone be willing to help me compile one?

From hours and hours of digging and watching various tutorials, I feel I understand certain aspects but at the same time feel like there are massive holes
in my abilities.

I’ve been pretty ambiguous this far but I guess one of the biggest questions I would like an answer to is what other software do I need?

Can I get by with just Blender and Gimp? or will I be missing out on something vital?

If I can’t get by, what other alternatives are there? (that don’t cost more than my car)

For modeling blender will do just fine :slight_smile: but having no experience with gimp so I recommend photoshop. (maybe have a look at CC subscriptions)

Hey, these are the best professional tutorials available so far. The engine is still really new so as time passes more will come. Usually these videos will only hone in on one specific task, like lighting, vfx, bluprints etc. But it is the best option other then hunting individual videos on youtube that a lot of channels have no consistency. If anyone knows of some pro tuts that slipped pass me i would like to know the publisher.

Go to these websites and look under the game art section. Tons of tutorials but not many related to the new engine yet. If you want to learn 3d art you are set, tons of those available. Digital Tutors, Lynda, Eat3d, 3Dmotive all have great game art related tutorials.

If you are looking for professional videos that only utilize free programs like gimp and blender i think that will be hard to find, these publishers usually cover the most popular software.

Here is the professional videos i have come acroos so far for ue4,