In-Game Material doesn't look like the one from the editor

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to get a rough gold material on a painting frame, and the “M_Metal_Gold” material already in UE4 looks exactly like what I am looking for.


However, when I apply that material to my painting frame, the material looks really smooth, not at all like the one shown in the material editor live preview.

I am brand new to Unreal Engine, so I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong here.

Does anyone know how to make my material appear a bit rougher when applied to my painting frame?


You need to make sure you have UV mapped your 3D model, without UV mapping it doesn’t know how to map a 2D image (the grunge texture) to the 3D model.

Thanks for your answer @darthviper107 ! Yes it does seem I forgot to UV map my model.
When I look at my UV map in the mesh editor, it appears to be empty. Do I need to create it in blender (I created my mesh in blender and then exported it to UE4 as an fbx file) or can I create the map directly in Unreal Engine?

You must create it in Blender. :slight_smile: