In-game - Item Movement

At present I am working on developing a system that will allow players to undertake basic edits to their environments. To clarify I am referring to something akin to the skyrim item-placement for example placing a sword on a shelf and allowing them to customize their environment. Is there any tutorials or examples of similar methods that would allow me to speed up development.

Any help is welcome!

Well, it really isn’t all that complex. You just need to have it so that when they get near the area where they can place, they press a button(x for example), and it retrieves the location of where to place, probably by finding the nearest location where placing is possible. Then you can just spawn the desired item in the location, and remove the item from inventory. Vice versa when the player picks it up.

As Jamendxman3 pointed out … the logic behind this isn’t too complicated.

What you can do is look at the Unreal Motion Graphics (UMG) UI - Inventory Tutorial (specifically the part where he drops items and picks items up) … this will give you the basic way to spawn and remove items.

You could also look at the Modular Player Structure in the Marketplace, this has a good example of checking the location and displayed a ghosted object while you are placing items.

There is also a good tutorial on youtube more related to AI about placing sentry turrets to shoot at people. But you should be able to take the placement idea from him and just not do the rest.