In-Engine notification for Engine Updates.

I downloaded Engine Version 4.9.0 the other day and started a new project. A yesterday I booted it up and continue where I left off. After a short while I go to save and when I do, the engine crashes and gives me an error.

When I restart the Epic Games Launcher, I’m greeted with an (!) icon to update 4.9.0 to 4.9.1, which was not there previously when I launched my project, so I can only assume the appearance of this new version caused my current one to crash.

Overall, i’d like a feature that tells users when an engine update is available while they’re working in-engine, and to give the option for users to save without fear of losing work before they update it.

I cannot reply with certainty, but I assume correlation does not mean causality. Those two issue are most probably unrelated, but you can check the logs in Saved/ to make sure :smiley:

I am almost completely certain that the new engine update did not have anything to do with the crash, the engine update appears in the launcher, and I myself have UE4 open nearly every minute of every day when updates are pushed, and haven’t had a problem. Crashes just occasionally happen in UE4, usually 1-2 times a day for me.