In Editor Selection (Selection Mode)

Hello, I’ve been working through the tutorials that came out with the launch and one thing that I’ve noticed is that selecting additional assets within UE4 can be bothersome since Ctrl+LMB is also the shortcut for gizmo-less translation, which means while selecting meshes it’s pretty easy to accidentally move them a tiny bit in the X direction when you’re using one of the smaller grid snaps, or if you have grid snap off.

Unless I’m poorly mistaken selection mode doesn’t seem to be in UE4, which was the UDK way to avoid micro-movements, there also isn’t any way of modifying these specific hot-keys in the editor preferences at the moment.

If I’m wrong about selection mode being missing, I’ll be relieved to be wrong, if the intent was to remove selection mode, then please make it possible to edit the gizmo-less translation hot-keys.

Thank you very much.