In-app purchases (Microtransactions)

My team and I are currently in the early development stages of our mobile game project.
When we started to discuss our plan on how to earn some money from this project, we realized that Epic has not yet released too much information regarding this issue…
So would anyone be kind enough to fill me in on how Epic plan to make features such as “in-app purchases” more available to developers?

Is it correct that Epic plans to implement such features in an upcoming release of UE4? Or do our programmer have a lot of work ahead of him?

Hi Joki,

While there are no samples showing it off currently, there is code implemented for IAP on iOS using the IOnlineStore interface of the online subsystem. We will continue to improve monetization options in the engine over time (and across other platforms) and should have samples demonstrating those APIs in the future but I don’t have a specific timeline for you.

The 4.2 release will include some significant improvements in how asynchronous calls to online subsystems are made from Blueprints, but currently we’ve just exposed the achievements and leaderboard interfaces from the OSS.

Michael Noland