In-App Purchase don't work

Someone for the love of god please help me out with the In-App Purchase feature for IOS, everything that i do don’t work it won’t execute always fail.

I have the feeling that i’m missing something because it won’t open the option to purchase the item on my device it only print out ‘‘fail’’, I read that you have to add a code on Build.cs file but which one ? enginebuild.cs ? defaultenginebuild.cs ? on match 3 IAP document it says that if is base on blueprint i’m good to go on other thread i read that you have to implement the code also in the engineios.ini i change ‘’ SupportInAppPurchasing ‘’ to True but still nothing also i have the Product Identifier the same as the Product ID in itunes connect. Do i have to submit the app to test it ?

Please help it very frustrating to know that one of the most important feature in the engine unreal still dont have a proper tutorial and a outdated documentation on this important subject.

Try to send your game to TestFlight and set your account as test account.