In App Purchase - Buying new functionality

Howdy y’all,

So my business partner and I are in the process of creating a free 3d mobile game for the iOS/android market, and we’d like to setup In App purchase functionality.

We’d ideally like to set it up so, for example, if you accumulate enough points, or buy points, you can purchase additional functionality, such as new characters, or skateboards (note, this is just an example).

Would we need to set up a separate player controller to set this up? Not sure how to do this or how it would work.

We haven’t been able to find much at all about how to script the blueprint to make this happen, or whether we would need to to create a new player controller for each additional purchased functionality.


Generally, this should be as easy as using a boolean to wall off the functionality from the player. The player loads a screen that has 3 skins, 1 of which they have not unlocked. When it loads it will check the player’s information file, either form their local save, or from the server, and will branch based on that boolean(byte, int, or whatever else you are using to control execution flow).

The branch logic of this should be built wherever it makes sense for your game, which is generally anywhere you need it. More importantly you need to figure out how the save file is to be stored and accessed or whatever other means you are going to use to gate content.

The main thing I am unsure about would be how you get unlocks to communicate from say the play store to the app. I am sure that info is somewhere on the net, though I have seen a few people with questions about that on these forums not receive much of a response.


Thanks, Zeustiak

Does anybody know how to In App Purchases linked to your own currency instead?

Basically people would be able to buy your currency, and then unlock the functionality they purchase with a coin, or medal, or gem, or some type of variable they can earn in the game or purchase.

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