Impulse at Location

Say I have a paper2D character, it jumps and moves just fine. Say I want the character to ‘bounce’ from an object. I attempted to apple a ‘Add Impulse at Location’ applying it to the bottom of its capsule component, with a z force of 1000. The character does not act different however. What am I doing wrong?

Sometimes you got to tweak the force up and up, and sometimes way way up. Hope I’m not to technical. Of course it’s paper2d, so it might be something different.

I set the force to 1000000. It might be something else.

Alright, I’ve tried an array of various tactics, and I can’t figure out how to use an impulse force to toss something. Any help or even random guessing would be appreciated, as if I can get this solved, I can push something kinda neat I’ve been working on out.