Improve Fbx Import Speeds Please


Can you please do something about the FBX import Speeds?
It takes so long for such low size files …
half hour waiting for a 18 MB file and i am still waiting o.o …
And no i can not split it in multiple fbx files, it is just 1 mesh …
All other programs like Maya, 3ds , etc , are able to read/import/export them in 1 sec. and unreal takes like forever …
Can you please look for it ?


I bet you are importing it with auto generate collision option turned on. For complex models automatic collision generation could take a lot of time, consider disabling it and using per-poly collision if it’s a future static mesh or preparing collision mesh in your 3d-editor.

will try that.

What other import options do you check off for larger files?
It’ still taking now 13 min and i’m still waiting (for a 18MB file), its basicly a wall mesh mirrored ( so you have both left & right side of the wall) ,
it’s painted and i detail sculpted on with mudbox.
It’s not that complex at all but it has at least 5 subdivison levels on the cube.

How many polygons is that mesh? 18 MB sounds humongous for a wall mesh.

I usually do tangent generation in 3d software instead of autogeneration at import - it’s another long part. But 18MB and 5 subdivisions for a wall is a bit too much if you ask me - I usually bake small details into normal map while simplifying geometry when it’s possible. And it’s common workflow to do retopology after sculpting to remove excessive data from model.