Importing videos to an object

Hi guys.

I am sure this is something easy that I am missing, but I have looked and researched and can not seem to find anything helpful about this. What I am looking to do is put a video that I have already created on to the face of an object. I have attached an example image from 3ds , but it will be imported to unreal engine.

As I have mentioned, I have searched and researched a lot already and at this point I just need help lol. Thanks again.

ZZZ Example.png

Might be too early for that. UE4 is still being developed. I know you could do it in UDK though.

Any links for info on the development of this? I am still very far from a finished product and can come back to this part if needed. What about a C++ option? I am willing to learn what I need to, I just can’t seem to find information on this.

I know the intro splash screen is an MP4, but as far as actually using a video in game… no clue.

Take a look at this plugin: https://forums.unrealengine/showthread.php?4358-Plugin-WindowsTextureMovie-Plugin :slight_smile:

I tried that already and it does not work.

The 4.5 update will have video texture support

My hero! Thnx!