Importing transformation animations

Is it possible to import transformation keyframes into UE4 as animations?
Or can i only animate using skeletons or blueprints?

Example would be a windmill blade.

Yes, unfortunately the only vertex animation in UE4 right now is in blendshapes (morph targets). Vertex animation without bones is not supported, so you’ll have to either bind the windmill blades all to a single bone or do it via blueprints.

You don’t have to use bones, just animate like normal, make sure that everything that you want imported as a single skeletal mesh has a common root object (can be a Dummy object) and then export to FBX, make sure that Bake Animations is used in the FBX options. When you import to UE4 check the Import Rigid Animations box.

Sorry for the belated reply, just had some free time now to test this out.
I managed to get some test objects imported using rigid animations, but where there’s meant to be animation, there’s none, or more specifically the animation that’s there does nothing and is about 2 frames long instead of 60.
Unless this is something i’ve done wrong on the content creation side, its basically 2 cubes linked to a dummy animated and exported with animations baked from 0 - 60 frames.

Any ideas?

Still struggling with this one if anyone has any ideas.

Everything seems to be importing fine, there’s seems to be animation there but nothing plays.