Importing ShooterGame weapon system to own project

I am trying to import some classes (ShooterCharacter, ShooterWeapon, ShooterWeapon_Instant) from ShooterGame example to simple starter project and met interesting problem - when I equip rifle (WeapGun blueprint) in my project is is pointing down. So I figured out that i need to turn it around x axis by 90 degrees. The interesting point is that in ShooterGame weapons blueprint actors spawn already have this rotation. So i started searching a point in ShooterWeapon that could set up this on creation/attaching to mesh/equipping in both code and blueprints, but could not found anything. So, the question is - is there any chance that the initial rotation of actor was set up not in code or blueprints ?

Refer to this Thread .
“Moss” has kindly provided a python script to do this . which i i still couldnt figure out how to use (hopefully soon)

if you figured out how to use it plz post . ty