importing Rigged/animated mesh with collisions objects

I have a building with doors a fan etc rigged and animated in maya, I also created collision objects for almost all of the geometry and named them with the UCX_meshname_# naming convention. When i import them into unreal though how are you supposed to import them? the tutorial I read said to uncheck sketetal and use auto generate collision , however it was for a unrigged unanimated model and when I used that method anyways it ignored my collision objects that i created and made its own which were ones that would not work because of the shape etc … so i tried importing it with sketetal on, however it does not show a skeleton for it , so i tried using it with none and it brings it in and it seems like the collision objects come in too even when i hit play to view the game , im guessing they shouldnt be viewable like that so im guessing thats not correct … any help is appreciated


this thread should help :slight_smile: