Importing randomly stops working


Everytime I open my project, about 15 minutes in, the import function stops functionning. Either by pressing the Import button on the top of the content browser or by right-clicking. It just does nothing. I can still do everything else though.

If I restart the editor, it works again for a few minutes.

I must say that the scene is not very optimized and pretty big. I maintain around 12fps, so it could be the cause.

Any clue if it’s a bug or the fact that the computer barley handles the scene? Thank you.

Hey Elggetto,

If your project is running at 12 frame per second, the issue more than likely lies within the performance. There are a few things you can do in order to improve your performance within the editor, depending on your systems specifications of course.

In your main viewport you can uncheck the ‘Realtime’ option, or press ‘Ctrl+R’ which will disable the constant realitme update of your project in the main viewport window. You can also try reducing the overall graphics quality within the Engine Scalability Settings to get a boost in your performance as well. Using the auto option will set your graphics quality to be the most compatible relative to your computers hardware.

Another option you can try in conjunction with the others, is to uncheck ‘Smooth Framerate’ within the ‘Rendering’ section of your ‘Project Settings’. This will unclamp your frames per second so there is no ceiling to the amount of frames your project can attain.

If you would like to attach your ‘dxdiag’ so I can take a look at your systems specifications that could help determine whether or not it is your computer that is the cause of the issue. If you have further questions please let me know.


Here’s my dxdiag.

I have already done what you told me and a few other things. Problem is I work with architects that import assets from Revit, and optimisation is not their strong suit.

I just find it strange that import is the only function that suddenly doesn’t work.

But as you said, the problem probably lies in the performance aspect of it.

edit: I’m working with unlit, averaging 30fps and still the same problem.


So after looking at your system’s specs it appears your GPU is under our recommended specs for running the editor. It is not a bad card by any means, but it is made for modeling applications such as 3ds Max, Auto-Cad, and Solid works. This could be your choke point and why the ‘Import’ button seems unresponsive at times.