Importing problem

Hi! I’ve got a big problem. When I import any object to Unreal Engine 4, it’s not assembled, it’s disassembled into hundreds of pieces. It happens to me whit any kind of archive. Help please! :frowning:

If you have a file you’re importing that should be a single object, make sure that Combine Meshes option is checked in the Import window

How can I activate it?

I can’t see it, if you could send me some screenshot I would be very grateful

I suspect its a downloaded scene u didnt make. And you dodnt zeto our the coordinates.

But the problem is that when i import it, it’s disassembled, and i’d it to be assembled. Please help, it’s very important, i need it for today :frowning:

Hi, everybody.
I’m new here and new to Unreal Engine 4, I’ve been studying over 4 weeks now in Unreal on almost all of the basics.
Normally I work in Cinema 4d R 18, and I want to import my objects and n textures from Cinema 4d to Unreal.
But when I export it out of Cinema (FBX, 2016 or 2010) Unreal doesn’t see the whole file.

So is there someone who knows what I still doing wrong?
Or other suggestions?
I tried to download the F.C.S Tools Box Version 1.28.0 plugin for Cinema 4D to Unreal, that one of the tools called " SaveObject" it will bake all the materials so that Unreal could understand.
But it isn’t t available anymore.

Hopefully, someone has the solution.

Best, Regards.