Importing Physics boxes from Blender

I’m having trouble importing physics boxes from Blender. The phys meshes are named UCX_Object_01, etc… But they are being treated as part of the mesh. The static mesh and the phys boxes are all being exported together in the same file. Is there a trick to this?

Normally it should work (UCX_name)-> compare your process with this one: :slight_smile: Also make sure to disable “one convex hull…” in the import settings

I found the “One Convex Hull Per UCX” option. But there’s a catch – the object I want to import has animation and a skeletal armature. If you check “Import as Skeletal”, you can’t set the “One Convex Hull Per UCX” option. If you don’t check “Import As Skeletal”, you don’t get the skeleton or the animations. Is there a way to get around this?

Ah, know I think I know what you mean ^^ -> https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/Engine/Physics/PhAT/UserGuide/index.html You can add those “physic boxes” (Physics Bodies) to your bones in your physic asset

Unfortunately, the posted docs are out of date for 4.5. I’m unable to figure out what needs to happen to make this work. No matter which approach I’ve tried breaks something. There doesn’t seem to be a way to import a mesh, import the animations, and import the phys boxes and make them work as a complete set. You can get 2 out 3, but not all 3. Ideally, importing the mesh and the phys boxes together and then importing the animations would make the most sense. But you either get the phys boxes merged into the mesh, or it refuses to import the animations giving a “Mesh contains doors bone as root but animation doesn’t contain the root track” error. I looked that error up and supposedly it means the skeletons don’t match. However, it is the exact same skeleton being used for everything. (There is one skeleton bound to several different objects.) Not sure what to do here.

Using the UCX thing for collision is most often used for static meshes. I’m not sure if you would save any time setting physics asset objects up in Blender than you would just doing it in PHAT. Honestly, tweaking the physics asset for a skeletal mesh is just part of the process in Unreal Engine, you’ve got plenty of tools to do it in engine.

I found that part of the problem is the fbx exporter from Blender. Using the Ascii version of fbx helped. But I still can’t merge the phys boxes to the mesh.

I toyed with Phat a little bit. It seems pretty klunky to use. I’m not sure how to assign multiple boxes to a single bone. What I’m trying to do is make an elevator with doors that open. It’s proving to be very difficult to do.