Importing of FBX Mocap into the Import Motion function of ART

I have a couple of questions regarding FBX Mocap files and bringing the in properly. I have a number of FBX files with motions that I have cleaned up in MOBU and now I would like to use the Import Mocap function in ART to add the animation to the ART rigged character.

Everytime I import a MOCAP FBX file (no character mesh) I get no response from the character (not showing the animation)

What am I missing ?



I understand that this instruction is specified in the docs:

The Import Mocap button takes an FBX file that is the same as the base skeleton of the rig. Does this mean that I have to rename all of the bones in the FBX motion rig for it to work once applied in Maya ?

AFAIK it means literally the skeletons need to be the same, not just the bone names. I think it will work if the names are the same, but it might produce weird results if there’s any difference in the actual pos/rot of the bones.

That said, you should be able to retarget your animation in MotionBuilder to the UE4 skeleton, then import it.