Importing OBJ with multiple materials: GUI vs. CLI


I have a similar problem to this post:

Albeit with the command line version of RC and not the SDK. Importing the same obj file into the same project results in a correct texture count when done through the GUI version but in a texture count of 1 when done through the command line. Is there an application setting related to this that needs to be set via the command line first?

The cli call is very basic so far: Path/To/RealityCapture.exe -load Path/To/Project.rcproj -importModel Path/To/Model.obj -save Path/To/Project.rcproj -quit

Opening the project with the GUI after shows the model having a texture count of 1. Importing the same file now however results in the correct texture count.

Running version

Any help is very appreciated


Hello David,

I tried importing a model with multiple textures both via GUI and CLI and I can see the Textures count 6 in both cases. Do you have a proper .mtl file saved along with the .obj and textures? 

Would it be possible to share those files with us (or other sample files with the same behaviour) so that we can test it on our side?

Hi all,

with the support of Zuzana we were able to find a solution. The problem for me was that the path to the model file in the cli call needs to be composed with backward and not forward slashes. Very simple fix :slight_smile: Hope it helps somebody facing a similar issue.

Have fun!