Importing multi-part models with IK handles?

Hi all. I’m having trouble figuring out how to import a character who is animated to be vacuuming. The vacuum model is a parent of the IK handle in the man’s arm, which drives the motion of his arm based on the movement of the vacuum. I tried baking all the animations down into individual keyframes, but importing the model into UDK as an FBX presents two problems:

  1. The vacuum model is not included

  2. All animations of the IK handle are gone - only the bone animations remain

Does anyone know what I may be doing incorrectly?

Make your animation on the character model and have that be the guy moving his hand.
Create a socket off the hand and line up the socket correctly
Create the vacumm as a skeletal mesh and spawn the vacuum in the socket you create on the character model.
There is no animation on the vacumm model its all done with the pawn.