Importing model doesn't import textures properly

I found this model that I wanted to use in UE4:

I downloaded the file, converted it to FBX format, but when I imported it into UE4 the model comes out white and the textures don’t seem to have imported.

What am I doing wrong?

The easiest way is to import the texture manually -> export it from the 3d program :slight_smile:

Otherwise make sure:

-to enable “import textures”
-make sure you have the “Embed Media” option checked (when you export it)
-which 3d program do you sue?

Just in very rare cases you can directly import meshes from the internet :wink:

I’m using 3DS Max. One thing I noticed is that when I export it to FBX format, this error comes up:

You have to render them to a simple image before they will export -> you can find more information about that on the internet (I’m not a 3ds max user :))