Importing Issues

I have been given some assets but I’m not sure how to import them from this form, the two on the left are the folders I’ve been given with my current project folder on the right.

If you could explain in detail how to import the levels would be appreciated.

  1. Open up Gleam_boss_test project in UE 4.5.1
  2. When the project loads up go to a folder Maps, or Levels as it’s called in the Gleam project.
  3. left click on the top left level, then hold down shift and left click bottom right level to highlight all the levels.
  4. Right click on any of the highlighted levels, and you should see an option called “migrate”, left click it.
  5. UE4 will automatically include all the materials, meshes, ect, in order to run properly in another project.
  6. From there, go to where your SwordArtOnlineDemo is located and left click on the Content folder. It will then start to copy over, and if you need to, click yes to all to overwrite.
  7. Open up your SwordArtOnlineDemo project, and you should see your content imported over there.

When I found out about how to migrate content over from one project to another, it saved me a butt load of work in my projects, hope this helps! Hope you do well with the SAO project, I’m a bit of a SAO fan myself =)