Importing huge world terrains, which way to do material ?

HI all,

I am trying to import tiled terrain ( or just regular of course) into UE4 editor but I’m seeing various versions of it.

Using WM basic atm ( Looking for alternatives ), and I’ve seen tutorials showing where you need ? to use a splatmap device, yet a UE4 wiki document shows no such necessity, showing a MUCH easier way of getting maps and textures into UE4.

Are both correct, are their pros and cons to each design ? THe two variations are here: < no spaltmap device < and this MUCH more complicated one.

Of course, If I can create equally viable worlds with #1, I’m all in, but I just wanted to verify this.


I would also like to know this because I am about done with my Terrain that I made in World Machine and am about to try and import into UE4. The tutorial I have lined up to watch is WACOmatts but if UE4 wiki version is better, I’d love to do that instead.

Ok thanks for the heads up chariots :slight_smile:


I have another question; you say first link is limited in quality…are we talking blurry textures,or…can you elaborate on why this is so so we all have a better ideal,if the simpler way is just too inexact to even bother with at all ? Are there any pictures or videos that you know of showing the differences…if the first truly is inadequate ( maybe only for prototypiing??) maybe a warning should be issued on that wiki page alerting users to the fact along with pictures so each can make up their own mnds.


bumping this because I think the information asked for is important.