importing from sketchup to 3ds max to unreal engine

im trying despertly to import model from sketchup to unreal with no success…
first i imported sketchup to fbx file (with cm units), then i imported it to 3ds max, unwraped it to 2nd uv channel and then exported it to fbx (again with cm units).
when im importing it to unreal, it says “Warning Warning: The imported mesh is very small. This is most likely an issue with the units used when exporting to FBX.”
when im scaling it , it turns black…
what should i do?

-so you have set the size to “cm” in your fbx exporter settings?

-do you use static or dynamic lights in your level?
-have you rebuilt the light after you have scaled your mesh? (when you use static lights)
-do you get any warnings when you import your mesh (except of the one with the size)? :slight_smile:

I am not a 3ds max user but i hope this can help you.

I’m just going to chime in and say I’m able to do this (sketch-up -> 3ds -> UE4) with no problem and it works perfectly with no import errors. The only reason I use 3ds is to find the points that are not connected to any hierarchy and remove them so that I don’t get those warnings on import.

In SketchUp you need to treat 1m in SketchUp as 1cm in the Unreal Engine. Just scale your models 100 times their size and everything will be the right size.

So, for example, if you want a cube in the Unreal Engine to be 1m x 1m x 1m it needs to be 100m x 100m x 100m in SketchUp.