Importing FBX and OBJ. weird bug

So i have created some Wall assets in Blender and also bought a couple from CGTrader.

When I import them into UE5, it imports them and they are look fine, but when I import them and drag and drop them into my scene, I cannot move them using the Gizmo. I can turn them and resize them using the Gizmo, but the X,Y,Z gizmo to drag move does not work. It just stays stuck in place. I can move it using the side panel with cords but just no the gizmo. Strange!

I thought i was maybe my project, so i created new project and it started working again. but Imported a second set assets and bang the problem is back again. Restarting the UE does not work and PC restarting as well.

Am doing something silly, like locking them with FBX import, I am not sure… Any ideas?

Well I just had one those moments, When you spend 2 hours trying to find the solution, Get frustrated and make post in desperation that you will find a solution, go oh I might as well keep searching for answers and then find the solution to the problem on the very next post I found lol.

Anyways here is the solution just incase anyone else finds the same problems.

Basically grid distance was set so i high, and I was zoomed in, So It was not snapping to the next point. I must be hitting the hotkey or something to change it by accident. woops but hey a solution.
big thanks to @R0_M4