Importing complex Mesh from Maya - proper workflow

Hi there,

this is my first post and I´m a newbie in Unreal. So sorry for my beginner questions.

I have a high poly vehicle mesh in Maya and want to transfer it to unreal. I know the basics about fbx exporting and importing, but I wonder how to bring some structure to my complex mesh. Unfortunately Datasmith is not an option for Maya, right? So I have to handle it in other ways.

I think it´s important to know what I´m trying to archive:

  1. the car should drive into the scene and “park” at a specific point
  2. from that point I like to make a cinematic with different camera views
  3. then I want to have an interactive part with opening doors and changing rims, headlights and carpaint

My question is, how do I have to prepare the data in Maya properly?

  • Should I combine the hole geometry? Or Interior and Exterior separately? Then nothing is movable, right?
  • Then I have to separate the movable parts?
  • How should I group the geometry useful?
  • Should I import the fbx (combined or uncombined?) with the content browser, or should I use the “Import to Level” - option?

I would be very happy if you have any suggestions for me how I can start this project right from the beginning so that I can avoid further problems.
I searched for tutorials for this issue but I could not find anything suitable until now.

Thank you very much!