Importing character from one project to another?

I have a first person character (the starter one) that I modified to not have the gun/arms and to be able to pick up and throw objects. however when I try to get that character in another project I can’t get it to work properly. It doesn’t pick anything up, the center cursor thing that I added was not there, even tho I imported and selected it in the second project, also the controls don’t work, when I “jump” I just fly into the air and not go back down, when moving I just fly in which ever direction I point the mouse to! Surely it can’t be that hard to save a character blueprint and open in another project?? Any help is greatly appreciated thanks!

I changed the default game mode to “FirstPersonGameMode” and that fixed the camera/control issues and I got my center circle thing to show up, but I still cannot pick up anything and the items are below the weight limit.