Importing character from Blender results in objects in the wrong place

Hi! I’ve created and rigged a character in blender and am trying to import it into Unreal. However, when I import the .fbx the eyeballs are out in front of his head, and his teeth are WAY far out there, almost outside of the skysphere. I’ve made sure scale and all transformations are applied so it’s something in the import process. Any ideas as to what I can do?

Also, the teeth are absolutely giant off in the distance lol

you may have neglected to apply the transforms on the armature before exporting.
For the eyes. They could be not weight painted to the eye bones. It depends.
if rest pose looks OK but abimations don’t its likely weight paint / skinning (or bad scale on bones).
If the rest pose is also wrong, then the model is off. Could happen if you exported the whole rig including all the extra bones (instead of deform only).

Did you enable “Convert Scene” on import?