Importing another folder from content path to World Outliner

Hello, Today I wanted replace base bot and add some animations to my main save project for third person.

First I created two new folder in Content/ThirdPersonBP to import fbx meshes with single animations from Mixamo.

I drag just second animation from ‘Folder2’ to the ‘Folder1’ with existing animation.

Next I copied from Content/ThirdPersonBP/Blueprints path, two files called ‘Third Person Character’ and Third Person Game’ to the ‘Folder1’

Before starting a game to check if it works, I seen ‘World Outliner’
I understood that content doesn’t existing here so it make no sense to start game because it would be the same.

What I said, I want playing with a new mesh, character (whatever it is called) in Unreal game including my two animations under specific buttons.

Any Soultion?