Importing animated FBX without a Skeleton?

Is it required for me to add a Skeleton to every single animated object I bring into UE4?
What I’m trying to do right now is import a simple Diamond animation I made in Maya 2015. The diamond spins slowly and floats up and down. This animation has been keyed onto the mesh itself.

I’ve exported it as an FBX 2013, with animations turned on, and the option to bake the animations turned on, but when I go to import, I end up with just the mesh without animations. I keep seeing things about ‘import rigid body’ fixing my problem, but there doesn’t seem to be any option for it.

Or if I try and import it as a Skeletal mesh…

Am I missing something obvious? I have tried importing the mesh with a single root joint, but I had importing problems with that method also.


Currently vertex animation is not supported. It’s on our Trello UE4 Roadmap to be added eventually, but currently it’s backlogged. Trello

Currently if you need animation you’ll need at least a single bone skinned to the mesh or you can use Morph Targets and import as a rigid body mesh.

The error you’re seeing looks like the issue that was with 4.5 that messed up importing Morph Targets by suggesting to use a setting that was not in the import options. This was resolved with 4.6’s release.

Thank you!