Importing a simple animation from maya

So I’m in the first person view for my game, and it’s a frog characters, and it can use it’s tongue to attack enemies. I have a raycast freezing the enemies when you get near them and it works great, but I’d like to have an animation of a tongue playing when the button is clicked.
I made a really simple animation of a cylinder expanding and contracting in Maya 2014 just to give it a basic representation before I get an actual textured animation of the tongue, and I exported it as an FBX and put it in to the scene, and when I import it I’m unable to. It won’t let me import it until I select a skeleton for it, and I’m not entirely sure how to do that, or how to make it play when I do import it properly. Thanks in advance!

Could you provide a screenshot of the import dialog and any error messages?

Also, if you tried to import it and the first three options in the import dialog were two checkboxes with the first saying “Import as Skeletal Mesh” and then I forget what the second one says, but the the option down from the top is a selection menu asking you to pick a skeleton. Is this where you are having difficulty?

If it is, don’t worry. UE4 can be a little unconventional sometimes in that there are many different parts of the engine that have necessary inputs and supplemental inputs.

And by supplemental inputs, I mean options/menus/attributes that you don’t have to use if you don’t want to. You’ll see this kind of thing pretty often in various nodes in the material editor as well. Some of them are labeled as having a default value, but most of them don’t. So sometimes it can be a little difficult to tell what’s necessary and what isn’t.

Anyway, that menu of the selection of a skeleton is more or less one of those supplemental inputs. You can import your own skeleton by just leaving it blank and scrolling to bottom and select ‘import’ if you’re just importing your mesh and rig or ‘import all’ of you have animations as well.