Imported Space Station Mesh Has Inside Disappearing Once In Scene

Hello all,

I imported a space station I created in Maya into UE4 and I am having an issue. Every time I drag the mesh into my scene, only the outside of the mesh is visible when I rotate and the inside stays disappeared. Is the issue with my normals or is there a setting that I didn’t activate during the import process? I also tried to adjust the bounds scale, but no luck.

Thanks for any help in this matter!

  • Eric

Sounds like you have a single-sided mesh. Visibility is based on the mesh normal, if the normal faces away from you, it will be invisible. there are two ways to go about fixing this: create an “inside” for the mesh, by having double-thick walls/floors (this can also help a lot with light leaks) or two, set the materials to “two-sided material” by clicking the main node in the material and ticking the box. :slight_smile:

Okay I tried both suggestions and still no luck. I uploaded a photo to demonstrate the problem I am having.