Imported meshes seem to have UV issues - what am I missing?

I know I am doing something wrong here, or more so missing a step.

Lets imagine for a second, I build a simple wall section in Maya, nothing special - 270cm high, 400cm long, 20 - 30cm wide (I haven’t decided how thick I want my walls yet, currently doing the math around building a kit of modular pieces so I can throw building interiors together fast and build the facade to that)

Anyhow, seems as though, when I take a wall section, and alt drag to duplicate it, I can see the seam between the two units (even after rebuilding the lighting, adding a material etc)… What am I missing, I just know there is going to be a UV step in this somewhere.

My current way of doing this :

Step 1 : Create model
Step 2 : Send to unreal
Step 3 : Import

I feel like I need to be doing something in between step 1 and 2 here. Yes?

Can you post a screenshot?
If it’s just a regular lighting seam, that’s due to how the lighting gets processed on each object. You get slight differences in the lighting, so if you have a large flat surface without any detail then there’s a seam visible.

Sure, give me a moment and I will mock it up :slight_smile:

Okay, So here is what it looks like upon import (Before doing any light building)

(Front, facing light)

(Rear, facing away from light)

Next, I build the lighting to see what would change, here are the front and back now…

And lastly, here it is with a material fired onto it - I am guessing the seams are related in some way to why the material is massive on this mesh, I really feel like I have missed a step here somewhere, and am happy to go away and learn it, I just have no idea what it is… :confused:

For the record, at first I thought this might be ambient occlusion - but it also continues at the bottom of each segment when I stack my walls up the ways :frowning:

what size of lightmap are you using for the wall in unreal?

For a piece like that, make sure that in your UV’s the edges line up with the pixels of your lightmap.

UV edges? Lightmap? Is this the step I am missing? Do I need to create something? Thanks for your help with all of this!